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Why A Groupiehead Franchise?

Operating Prototype - Groupiehead has a strong operating system in place that has been proven through the existing sales and business development team.

Profitable Business - Groupiehead has a strong potential ROI for a franchise owner. The concept is financially sound and has a proven demand in markets across the United States.


Operationally Sound - The concept is a simple sales model and the system has been proven over 10 years of implementation and has benefited many different businesses. This business, particularly when it first opens, is relatively simple and can be managed by a single organized and motivated professional.

Point of Difference - Groupiehead is unique and presents a different way to do business and a different way to approach potential clients. The franchisees only focus on the sales aspect and let the Groupiehead Home Office handle everything else. This allows the franchisee to focus on what is driving the bottom line every day. Additionally, the Groupiehead franchise offers a professionally structured program without the associated overhead typically found in new franchise ventures.

Integrity & Commitment - Most importantly, Groupiehead operates with a high level of integrity and a commitment to its clients.

Groupiehead... Rockstar Marketing for the Regular Joe

Best Home Based Business Franchise For Sale
Best Home Based Business Groupiehead Franchise For Sale

The Groupiehead Franchise concept is unique, giving franchisees an easy route to a successful, money-making business.


Groupiehead franchisees work out of their homes allowing for extremely low overhead.  Franchisees act as sales managers (bringing in new leads), and as project managers, coordinating with the Groupiehead Home Office who will be producing all of the client materials. You spend your time finding new clients while the home office does all the work for you! Under this Groupiehead Franchise concept, you don't need to hire designers and programmers - your team is at the home office, and already one of the very best in the business!


On day 1, all franchisees will have their own website, social media accounts, brochures, business cards, and all other needed materials to be up and running.

All of this comes at no cost to the franchisee.

Best Home Based Business Franchise For Sale


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